A Marketing Strategist Turned Website Designer and Copywriter

hi, i'm belle!

Can often be found at the pickle ball courts, reading on my Kindle, or designing websites with a Luke Combs playlist in the background.

I'm an extraverted introvert who loves at-home Madfit workouts, Dear Media podcasts, to-do lists, and a good fried chicken sandwich. 

I also love helping businesses show up online in a way that is strategic and successful. Armed with 6+ years of marketing experience, I built a studio for design, copy, and SEO to support passionate people looking to make an impact.

Passionate People

I'm a problem solver and communicator at heart, which means I LOVE helping passionate people bring the big ideas for your business to life.

Cool Brands

Cool brands (to me) are the businesses that focus on customer experience and making a genuine impact in their clients’ lives.

who i serve

I've always craved creative projects. I started a photography side-hustle when I was just 15, worked 2 jobs through University, and started doing social media freelance work in 2019.

Like many folks, I lost my 9-5 job in 2020 and decided to take my social media freelance work full time. I watched hundreds of YouTube videos, took free webinars, and absolutely fell in love with websites, copywriting, and brand strategy.

I re-launched my freelance business as a website design + copy studio and now I serve cool brands from my home office here in Calgary, AB. 

I Took a Leap Into Freelancing With a Figure-It-Out Mindset and a Philosophy Degree

how i got here

What I'm Doing on a Friday:

Beers on a patio or reading in bed with mint tea

Something You Might Not Guess...

I love stand up! Big Nate Bargatze fan.

If I Had to Have A Different Job:

I'd start a financial education company.

Movie I Could Watch Over & Over:

Oceans Eleven or National Treasure

My Fun Facts:

At Lunch I'm Eating:

Scrambled eggs in a wrap. Nearly every day.

I Firmly Believe:

We're responsible for our own happiness. 

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